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About Üs

Züker Vapes was created to share the undeniably original custards we make.  Each flavor is tested for a minimum of 4 months. Currently we have 7+ new flavors in the works and have released our flagship custard line this summer '15!

What sets us apart is our “True Custard” flavors which are exactly how it sounds.  They are true to the flavor of an actual custard, with its velvety, smooth, rich and creamy flavor with absolutely no harsh note to mention. Its truly in a category of its own and cannot be compared to any other custard on the market.  Our high VG blend is great for cloud chasers and it does not effect our delicious flavor so its equally as sought after by flavor chasers.

Our juice is created with top of the line natural and organic flavoring and USP grade VG and PG.  All of our juice is mixed by our expert brew master in a cleanroom.  Our blacked out bottles help our juice steep to perfection without sun damage spoiling the nicotine! Each bottle undergoes a rigorous 6 stage sterilization process before being filled. We take pride in our products and our customers are of the utmost importance, so please feel free to contact us with any comments or questions Ü

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For sales inquiry please feel free to contact us.  We’re located in York, Pennsylvania so if you're in the area we can set up a meeting.


If you have juice or other vape related questions please contact

(844 ZukerVa)pes

(844) 985-3782

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