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Cinnamon Toast Münch

Cinnamon Toast Münch

$ 19.99

This cereal vape couldn’t be any closer to the real thing. Put it in a box and you would never know the difference! Sweet cinnamon inhale and a more pronounced sweet cinnamon exhale with ever delicate milky undertones.  For a more pronounced milk flavor we recommend our Mü Jüs.  Aftertaste leaves the exact flavor the cereal does!  Brings to mind eating the real thing with every bite puff! A must try for any cereal connoisseur.


**these flavors are new and haven't gone through the rigorous 5+ months of testing.  They have been released by popular demand but they are subject to minor altercations while we tweak a final product.  The profile will remain the same but they will only improve with time.  Feedback is much appreciated during our testing process! feel free to contact with your thoughts Ü

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