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Words cannot describe this flavor. The best way to describe this juice is; If a danish and a scone had a baby with a doughnut and a croissant and that love child rebelled and acted like a cinnamon roll.  It has an ever so delicate cinnamon swirl danish inhale that evolves into heavier doughnut flavor as you sit on it. Exhale brings a soft, flaky, buttery crust to light. Is flaky a flavor? it is now! Try this for yourself and tell me I'm wrong Ü

It didn't hit danish on the head like intended but this.. this cannot be tampered with.. This juice has not left my RDA from the moment It was crafted

Every bottle comes with a 5ml of filler! 


CinnApple- a naturally sweet, cooked apple flavor. The cinnamon compliments this delectable apple filling with impeccable results.  As always no sweeteners added! recommended starting point 1:6

NannerNut- Just what the name says, it's a great banana flavor with a nutty undertone that balances well. Still a work in progress but it's gotten great feedback so we couldn't keep it from our customers. Recommended starting point 1:10




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