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Früt Lüp

Früt Lüp

$ 19.99

Our  Lemon Früt Lüp was really great but it left a little something to be desired to tackle it’s namesake. So here it is! It’s back and better than ever.  This time we’ve nailed this cereal down so close that it’s competitors better tuck tail and start running! If those other loopy cereal vapes always left you craving a closer flavor try a bottle of our revamped Früt Lüp and you will not regret it! Try it with the Mü Jüs to get a more cereal milk flavor.


**these flavors are new and haven't gone through the rigorous 5+ months of testing.  They have been released by popular demand but they are subject to minor altercations while we tweak a final product.  The profile will remain the same but they will only improve with time.  Feedback is much appreciated during our testing process! feel free to contact with your thoughts Ü

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